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Extraordinary hobby.
Topic “A rogue who thinks evil of it”

“Alemanic Fastnacht”

– Guggemusik, brass music and fanfare groups set the rhythm and always inspire the spectators in the beautiful Black Forest!

Interview with our colleague Peter Röckinger, Project Engineer, at Pitzek GMP Consulting with an unusual hobby: “Membership in the pranksters’ guild”.

Dear Peter, why did you decide to join a jesters’ or rogues’ guild?

Peter Röckinger (following PR): I was born in Staufen, my family has always had a strong connection with the Guild, my grandfather was a very active member, my great-grandfather was a founding member and my mother is such a carnival enthusiast that she used to carry me in her pram. There I was apparently already the born prankster ;-).

“A rogue who thinks evil of it” is what you say when you want to comment on an outwardly ambiguous action that allows for a very delicate interpretation. But to think like that, you have to be a “rogue”. In the past, active pranksters or court jesters had the freedom of the fool, which made it possible to criticise existing conditions with impunity. Would you call yourself a real prankster or jester in the sense of the freedom of the jester?
PR: Making people happy and holding up a mirror to yourself? I like to do that because it definitely loosens up a round or two, creates a good atmosphere and makes people laugh. I love happy people.

The prankster is a joker with a mischievous streak. Does that apply to you?
PR: When I was a kid I was full of nonsense, now I am more experienced and therefore more considerate towards people. When you’re a kid you don’t think about what it means to other people.

Originally, Schelm comes from the Old High German “Skelmo”, meaning death. Later, the Schelm even became an epithet for battle-hardened knights. Do you live the life of a battle-hardened knight? If so, what was your greatest knightly deed?
PR: So in terms of professional life, I’m struggling with my first projects right now. It’s my first challenge since becoming a working student. I sometimes wish I had a knight’s armour to keep some things off.*laughs

Back to the Middle Ages, here the rogue originally comes from the time of fools, rogues or fools. In the Middle Ages, a jester or rogue was the name given to a person who was supposed to provide entertainment and amusement as a joker and who was conspicuously dressed..
Does this also apply to you in private? Do you like to entertain, have fun and dress conspicuously?

PR: I mainly like it cosy and simple. I’m not the typical class clown, but I like to spread good vibes and good humour and put a smile on people’s faces, if only with my positive nature!

In the game of chess, the fool (“Fou”) has the role of the bishop. At the same time, he can only be captured if he is threatened by two parties at the same time, and the piece that captures him leaves the board together with him.
The relation between the game of chess and the real court jester is thus as follows: Whoever beat the court jester at that time assaulted a defenceless person and thereby beat himself. Is the jester’s costume therefore like a little protection for you?

PR: *smile* During fool season and when wearing the Häs (costume), you are allowed to take one or two things out, hence the common fool’s freedom. That’s part of the appeal. However, at the end of the day you are trying to influence the people who are being integrated in a positive way, so that they go home with a good feeling, which is really important to me!

The Fool emerged as a character who has no fixed place in the estates order or society, who feels no obligation to any norms and falls out of the system in his human givenness.
In real life, do you like standing for something outside the norm and would you say that’s where you fall off?strong>

PR: I actually don’t like to be pushed into grids. I try not to think too much about it, to keep my light-heartedness. I’m not a fan of seeing things only in black or white.

Which brings us back to Pitzek GMP Consulting. Somehow our company is also out of the so-called frame. We are all individual and special GMP heroes and heroines who stand a bit “out of the box” in this rather conservative industry and also live it..
Do you think similarly about Pitzek GMP Consulting?

PR: I can definitely say that everyone can be what they want to be and that individuality is encouraged. This means that we really do stand out in the industry with a slightly different and younger look.

Gut, we come back to the fool and a completely different meaning.
In the tarot cards, the Fool stands for the boundless and the new beginning.
He awakens the curious child in us to dare something exciting or even to break our own limits. All this with the necessary attentiveness. Does this describe you? Are you curious, do you like to be boundless and yet mindful?

PR: Of course I am curious, but I am not boundless. I also enjoy coming to Pitzek GMP Consulting. The respectful and attentive way we deal with each other is important to me.

For me personally, this combination of light-heartedness and mindfulness is very inspiring, because it can be the key to pure joy of life. This joie de vivre and the necessary mindfulness are attributes that are lived in the company Pitzek GMP Consulting.Can you subscribe?
PR: Definitely. We do a lot of things together – events, after-work parties, company parties, etc., where the joie de vivre is never neglected. But we always look out for each other!

May you say something in conclusion?
PR: Thank you for the warm words and the almost profound interview! Learned quite a lot about pranksters.

Summary Pitzek:
If you know Peter as a colleague, he radiates just as much joie de vivre and light-heartedness as the prankster. Many colleagues are infected with his radiant laughter. We appreciate him as a very mindful person and can rely on our sunshine 100%