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Interview Pharma & Food “Of necessity up-to-date”

Interview Pharma+Food with CEO Dr. Rainer Maué, Pitzek GMP Consulting GmbH

Rainer Maué, GeschäftsführerReturn of pharma production to Europe on the one hand, growth in South East Asia on the other, and a need for consulting everywhere. In the interview, CEO Dr. Rainer Maué of Pitzek GMP Consulting describes the significance of GMP consulting between worries about the pandemic and internationalisation


„There are clearly some great changes underway“

P+F: How has the market changed in the last few years for you as a GMP service provider?
Dr. Rainer Maué: There are clearly some great changes underway: the big industries in the pharmaceutical area used to do everything in-house as far as GMP was concerned and would only work a little with external consultants or service providers. Contract manufacturers or GMP consulting, there has been relatively little of this. Such service providers, however, have gained momentum in the last few years. And I assume this will intensify – also as a result of the corona pandemic.
Moreover, the enquiries we receive from our customers confirm what is also being propagated by the federal government: that “pharma Germany” no longer exists – but that there are efforts to keep back pharmaceutical production in the country or bring it back here. One can sense that the big companies are also thinking more about this. The pandemic also shows that this is a point of focus when it comes to new projects.

„”Fortunately, we changed over the way we work to Cloud access even before the pandemic, this is very helpful during the pandemic.”“

P+F: What services are your customers unable or do not want to perform in-house and therefore call on these services especially?
Maué: For companies, it is almost an impossibility to keep specialist knowledge about the applicable regulations up-to-date in one’s own company at all times because the requirements in the GMP area are increasing faster and faster. Due to the more demanding requirements in the field of pharmaceuticals, the medium-sized companies have necessarily become more open to working with serious consulting companies in order to be able to compete with the giants in the industry………………. ………………“

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